UIAA Statement on Competition Ice Climbing

The UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation – Management Committee is working to advance the fundamental aims of its UIAA Strategic Plan 2021-2024, including focus on the sport pillar and the management, progress and development of ice climbing as a competitive sport.

While there have been many years of hard work through dedicated volunteers and staff, competition ice climbing has not developed to the reasonable expectations of members federations, athletes, stakeholders, sponsors and partners.

Last year, the UIAA Executive Board formed an Ice Climbing Working Group made up of a member from each of the Executive Board, the Management Committee, the Athletes’ Commission and the general membership to review the ice climbing situation.

The Ice Climbing Working Group prepared a report for the Management Committee. Based on the report, the Management Committee has concluded that the current situation is untenable with significant and increasing impact on the athletes and the entire sport if not addressed in a timely manner. Therefore, on 27 August 2022, the Management Committee resolved to:

  1. immediately dissolve the Ice Climbing Commission, and
  2. put in place an interim governance solution for the immediate future and to work on a new governance structure to be presented to the Management Committee as soon as possible, but no later than in May 2023.

In addition, the Ice Climbing Working Group was entrusted with a mandate to oversee preparations and running of the 2022-23 competition season and to propose a new governance structure for ice climbing.

UIAA President Peter Muir explained: “These decisive first steps demonstrate the UIAA’s strong and renewed commitment to the sport of ice climbing. We are confident they will lead to a sustainable development and annual competition programme of which the UIAA will be justifiably proud. This will over the long-term serve the interests of all stakeholders, most importantly the athletes, event organisers, member federations, officials, sponsors and other supporters of competition ice climbing.”

Preparations for the 2022-23 season are well underway. Six international competitions have already been confirmed. A provisional calendar was released to athletes and teams several weeks ago. The final schedule will be published in the coming weeks.

For additional information please contact:
UIAA Director of Operations, Nils Glatthard, nils.glatthard@theuiaa.org


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