Ice Climbing Working Group

In Autumn 2021, an Ice Climbing Working Group made up of a member from each of the Executive Board, the Management Committee, the Athletes’ Commission and the general membership was formed to review the ice climbing situation.

The Ice Climbing Working Group prepared a report for the Management Committee. Based on the report, the Management Committee made the following decision regarding the future of competition ice climbing.

The Ice Climbing Working Group has been entrusted with a mandate to oversee preparations and running of the 2022-23 competition season and to propose a new governance structure for ice climbing.

ICWG Representatives


Martin LASCANO – UIAA Executive Board Member – FASA (Argentina), chair, UIAA EB member, former FASA General Secretary and Argentinian Olympic Committee advisor for Sport Climbing during 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Eimir MCSWIGGAN – UIAA Athlete Commission Member –  Mountaineering Ireland, active Ice Climbing athlete

Phil POWERS – UIAA Management Committee Member – American Alpine Club, UIAA MC member, former AAC Executive Director

Andy SYME – UIAA General Member representative – British Mountaineering Council President

Office Contacts

Nils GLATTHARD, UIAA Director of Operations

Rob ADIE, Sports Events Coordinator


At a UIAA Office level, daily managament of the UIAA Ice Climbing World tour is spearheaded by Rob Adie, Sports Event Coordinator and Nils Glatthard, Director of Operations. The office is also responsible for the communication of the sport and liaising with companies providing livestreaming and the live results service.


Judges are key personnel in charge of the respect of the sports rules and overseeing the final results. If the national body already has their skilled judges, the UIAA encourages working with them. Otherwise, the UIAA provides training courses to become recognised UIAA international judges. These people are skilled to judge at international events such as World Cups or World Championships. They can also judge on a lower rank of competition: national and regional. If there is no judge available in the country, the team manager can contact the UIAA, or directly contact an international judge, in order to provide a judge for the host country’s event.


Route-setters are key to any international competition or national selection. They are in charge of setting the routes where athletes will climb. Together with the judges, they are also in charge of the safety of climbers during their ascent.