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Preview: Continental Open Round 2 heads to Czech Republic

Following the season opener in Slovakia, Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, will host the second round of the 2023-2024 UIAA Ice Climbing Continental Open. This weekend’s event, held on Saturday 2 December, also has the added component of a youth event.

The event in Brno will be organised by the Czech Mountaineering Association and held at the dry tooling structure at the Lokomotiva Brno Climbing Club.

The competition programme can be found here. Men and women will compete in the lead discipline. Youth climbers will compete on the same route as the senior athletes. In the adult event representation comes 109 athletes from the following national teams –  Croatia (2), host nation Czech Republic (15), Finland (2), France (8), Great Britain & NI (20), Germany (3), Hungary (1), Ireland (1), Italy (2), Japan (3), Mongolia (1), the Netherlands (4), Poland (13), Romania (1), Slovenia (5), Slovakia (11), Spain (4), Switzerland (9) and the United States (4).

A livestream of the competition, provided by the organizers, will be available on the UIAA YouTube channel. Please subscribe for updates. An embed of the feed is available below:

All six medallists from last weekend – Jorge Veiga Rodriguez (Spain), Will Morris (Great Britain), David Bouffard (Romania) in the men’s category as well as Marianne van der Steen (Netherlands), Olga Kosek (Poland) and Ladina Heller (Switzerland) are set to compete.

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